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Different Signs for The Month Stone in June

All those born in the month of June will have a special month when the month of birth is associated with two gems. The June moonstones are the rare alexandrite and the cream-colored pearl. Two fantastic gemstones that you can match with your mood and style. At MittNamnHalsband, our collection of monthly stone necklaces and other monthly stone jewelry offers a selection of delicate gemstone styles made just for you!


THE HISTORY BEHIND THE JUNE MONTHSThe very rare gemstone alexandrite was first discovered in 1834 in the Ural Mountains and it changes color from blue-green in fluorescent light to a reddish-purple color. This shift is due to a result of an unusual chemical composition, which makes the stone one of the most expensive and rare gemstones. Pearls are the only gemstone made by living beings; molluscs. Natural pearls, the most valuable pearls are limited to the Persian Gulf. Freshwater cultured pearls come from China and pearls from the South Seas are cultured along the northwest coast of the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.A DELICIOUS COLOR CLICK


Alexandrite is such a rare gemstone and it is considered more valuable than other gemstones, which means that many jewelers replace it with a light amethyst, which is a very similar match. This gemstone is a light violet variety of quartz. This gentle gemstone is a perfect gift for a loved one. Is there a better way to celebrate your birthday than with a beautiful keepsake that includes your name and moonstone along with all your loved ones. The monthly stone necklace for mother in gold plating is a beautiful piece of jewelry. With its heart-shaped pendant and radiant gemstones, you can wear those closest to your heart, while the bright amethyst gemstone sparkles.

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A SYMBOL THAT ENRICHESBecoming a mother is the most rewarding blessing in the world. Being a mother means that your heart is no longer yours, it follows your child. Baby feet with Moonstone in 18k gold plating let your feet go where your heart wants to go. Personalizing jewelry has reached new heights with a unique reminder of the love of your child. The necklace is made of 3 different baby feet and allows you to engrave your baby's name and add their monthly stones. Whether you want to celebrate your June baby or something else of your children, this valuable gift is a gift to appreciate and hold close.SIGNIFICANCE FOR JUNE MOONSTONE


The gemstone Alexandrite represents concentration and learning and it is believed to be able to inspire the imagination and strengthen intuition. It is also considered a stone that gives a good omen; which gives luck and happiness. The stone brings romance and gives joy to people with too much self-discipline. The ancient peoples of the Middle East believed that pearls were tears that fell from heaven, representing innocence, humility and purity. It is said that he who wears pearls will be blessed with health, wisdom, prosperity and life, improved vision and improvement of depression.


THE TWINS AND THE POWERS: CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUBe calm because it's your month of birth! There is no better way to celebrate your day than with your family. Family is where life begins and love never ends. Family trees and moonstone necklaces are a captivating symbol of strong roots that produce beautiful leaves. Let the strong family bond be celebrated by engraving the names of family members and their moonstone. Only love will bring us together.

With a better understanding of the meanings of the moonstones in the month of June, you can now celebrate yourself or a loved one by preserving memories forever with jewelry that brings together special relationships.

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